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Well are you, or are you wondering what I mean?

Let me explain-

Myself,Dean and Coach Baz have just been on a weekend away (not a romantic one!) to go and see a business event with over 200 other business owners in the room too. It was amazing, we laughed we learnt and we drank lots of booze, woke up in bed together with each others pants on spooning- but it was a great night-

Ok the last bit was a joke!- Honest.

But, honestly development right?

The big thing is, in life, I feel so many people ‘just get by’. And don’t give themselves the excitement they need, they never get in a cold shower that they cant stand or stand up infant of people and fight fears they may have.

The reason I look at it like this is because people DO want more. I hear it all the time. I even here people say ‘how do you do what you do’. The answer is doing more and exploring the unknown. You have heard of the term ‘don’t mock it until you’ve tried it’,right?

Well this is the thing, if you don’t explore different ways to do things, be around different people and study on different things… you become stuck and frustrated.

So work on yourself. Being, get out there more, speak to people, study on what you enjoy and you will get a whole lot better at it.

Walking and spending time with your own thoughts

Read books – educational, fiction or non fiction

Listen to podcasts – Speakers or educational

Go to seminars – Speakers or educational

Watch YouTube videos – Course that are virtually FREE

Dan, the guy we went to see is awesome. Why? Because he is consistent, fun and very focused. And we LOVE that. Its the simple stuff yet people forget this so often!

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Another one of those terms that do the rounds from time-to-time.
Most peoples belief is that they train, they ache, they feel tired; it must be because they train too much.
I find it hard to believe that out of the 168 hours a week, you may spend somewhere near 3-8 hours of that available time training, does that constitute overtraining?
Probably not.
In professional sports, athletes regularly complain of persistent fatigue, frequent illness, poor sports performance. However, these guys are training up to 5-6 hours a DAY!
This when a break would be recommended.
A regular gym user, probably, is not having adequate sleep, sufficient calories and maybe burning the candle at both ends. Something has to give.
Sort out some of the above and you will probably feel fine.
Ask yourself these questions:
– Have you been in a calorie deficit for a long period of time?
– do you get between 6-8 hours Undisturbed sleep a night?
– have you been constantly lifting to extreme fatigue on every session?
– persistent muscle/joint soreness?
– No motivation?
Even if you answer yes to any of these questions, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re “overtraining”
Funny how no one has ever said “under training” 
If you think a rest is what you need, then, of course, take it.
Bear in mind, that actual overtraining syndrome takes up to 4-6 weeks to recover from. Even 2-3 months in some cases. However, as said before, these tend to be pro athletes or extreme sports people.
It’s not just a case of feeling a little under weather.