Team Training

Find your form with Functional Fitness.

These are group based metabolic conditioning classes. Primarily working on high-intensity workouts, for the ultimate fat-loss workout. We focus on a combination of weights and cardio to ultimately increase your metabolism.

Our programs designed for busy, professional people. You may have been a member of a gym numerous times, but never really got out of the starting block. Big gyms love that, an empty membership, recurring payment and no one showing up.

We take all the thinking out of training. We appreciate that quite often, you turn up to the gym after a busy day and just don’t know what to do, or just don’t feel motivated enough to train.

We guide you through everything, technique, intensity- everything. We create a very robust, family orientated atmosphere. Your goals are our goals- we take them seriously-encouraging and reassuring you all the way.

Typically a session will consist of: lots of mobility/stretching, bodyweight exercises such as squats, press-ups, kettlebells, suspension training and speed drills.

We love the fact that we have the opportunity to be one of the parts of your day; we do not want to let you down.

That is why we train in a small group, compared to our other programs. We pride ourselves on creating a community of like-minded individuals, each pushing and supporting each other to individual goals.

We hate the prevalence of fad diets and the damage they can do long term. We take a simple yet effective approach to nutrition, which nicely coincides with your training and home life.

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Barbell Physique

Find your form with Functional Fitness.

Our motto is ''Stronger-Leaner-Fitter'' and this program will certainly get you there. We first teach you how to lift, with the ultimate result being a dramatic difference in your body image.

All our coaches at functional fitness have performed every type of program, exercise and weight training routine known to man. With that knowledge, we have put together, quite possibly, some of the best methods possible to force that change on the body.

Whether your goal is toned muscle, muscle bulk or fat loss. No matter how you want to word it, the training that goes with it to achieve those things is the same. That is where this program will take you.

The often strenuous weight routines have a significant impact on your basal metabolic rate (burning calories at rest) as well as your overall well-being.

This program is usually a progression from the Team Training routines. Barbell Physique is an advanced training protocol with the sole purpose of creating a dramatic change in body composition. In short- you are going to look amazing.

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Barbell Strength

Find your form with Functional Fitness.

We take all the major components of powerlifting, strongman, and bodybuilding to encompass every aspect of lifting.
Every session will focus on one or more of the big lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Bench-Press and Overhead Press. Not only will your strength go through the roof, but you will change shape too.

Strength is a broad-based term, so our programs represent just that. We take all the main compound lifts: squat, bench, deadlift and overhead lifts to create an all-over plan.

We take the best parts of powerlifting, strongman, cross training and bodybuilding, to excel what your body can achieve.  The visual differences will also be apparent.

Many of our coaches have competed in power events, so they know what works and what doesn’t. We have a wide variety of strength and performance equipment to get you to your goal.

It is not just about lifting heavy weights either. We concentrate on the performance side of things too, making sure you are physically fit to cope with the demands of not just the workout, but life in general.

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